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Awareness is Naturally Present.

Awareness is Always Present Already - No effort adds to that.

Right now a peaceful 'space' is present as the space in which your thoughts and emotions arise and dissolve back into... As you are reading this, it is that which is aware of the words you read and hear mentally. It is that which is aware of whether you understand it or not and whatever other thoughts might appear.


If you just stop actively thinking about everything for just a moment, you will notice that you as a presence, are still there... When we stop thinking for a moment we can immediately notice this presence as being naturally here.

We might notice it as being a clear seeing, or as a cognizant presence, or as a spaciousness, or simply put we may discover it to be an awareness that's already there. The next thought that comes, can be realized to appear in this exact same 'aware space.' The space itself never goes away, even when intense thinking is present. It is there equally in intellectual chaos as it is in meditative thoughtlessness.

All experiences happen in THAT.


Paying more attention to this spaciousness in which life appears and disappears as our perception, instead of constantly focusing on the definitions and descriptions of whatever appears within this space, will effectively open up our perception and experience to the benevolent presence of what's always here without any effort at all.


We will start to see, as we recognize and acknowledge this presence more and more, that nothing that is known ever leaves this space. Awareness is inescapable, since everything that you know, you know only as a perception within awareness.

Seeing clearly in your own encounter with acknowledging awareness, that this space which underlies every thought and perception is always there without interruption, you will have a choice as to how you wish to experience life. Either as a story-driven character, or as the openness in which this appears to happen effortlessly.


The choice is simply this:

Either to recognize/emphasize/trust the presence of awareness in which thoughts and situations appear, or to trust/emphasize/follow the seemingly individual appearances and descriptions about what is perceived.


More and more we will come to a complete, self-satisfied, joyful peace, through simply recognizing the obvious and evidently present openness of awareness. The more we do this - gradually more often than suddenly - we will start to naturally recognize this presence throughout all states of mind and experiences.


The statement "Awareness is Always Already Present" becomes meaningful once we start to realize this in our direct experience: that awareness is actually always there as the free knowing space of whatever appears in its perception.

This cognizant knower, this pure presence which is self-aware by nature, is the basic space in which all is enabled to exist. We will come to see how everything that appears, is in fact a direct expression of this space itself.


See for yourself how this peaceful presence which is there as a sense of alertness when the mind is open and attentive, is also there when thoughts come and go within actively within perception, and you will find a most beneficial and fundamental basis which is right there with you, always and already.

The choice to trust in this space by relaxing as this self-cognizant openness, is yours to make at any time. To make this choice more natural and obvious, simply continue to recognize this presence of awareness which remains unaffected, beyond, yet within, all forms and appearances.